How to Block SBI ATM card in 2020? (5 methods Guide )

How to Block SBI ATM card in 2020? (5 methods Guide )

I lost my ATM card when I was 19 years old and immediately after that, I had to find how to block it so that no one else could misuse it.

So I called the bank and asked them, How can I block my atm card?

It took around 5 minutes and they told me 3 different methods. I’m going to share with you all those methods and I’ll also tell you which method I used and how long did it take.

So without wasting any more time lets jump right in.

Method 1: Online SBI or Internet Banking

There are a few things which I need to clear with you before discussing more. This method cannot be used by everyone, the question arises 


Well, internet banking is not a thing which is used by everyone maybe some of you are hearing it for the first time and that’s completely fine.

So, Internet Banking is a service provided by banks through which you can make payments and access your accounts. 

This is not by default active with your bank account, although bank provides username and password within the packet which includes Passbook and stuff.

But you need to activate it. If you want to know how to active SBI internet banking, please check:

How to activate sbi net banking?

By now I assume you have the access to your SBI internet banking and you have the username and password with you.

Now, follow the following steps to block your SBI atm card Online.

Step-1: Open Online Sbi

Go to the website and this screen will appear.

Click on “Continue to Login” and you’ll find this screen.

Enter your username, password and then verify yourself you filling the captcha and then press “Login”

After you do so you’ll find the following screen.

Now on the blue bar, you can see an option for e-services, place your cursor on the same and you’ll find a dropdown menu.

In the dropdown menu Click on “Atm Card Services” and then you’ll find the following screen.

Now click on Block ATM card

Press “Continue” after you select your bank account and then this screen will appear.

Now select the ATM card you want to block and then scroll down and it will ask you for the reason you want to block your card.

Select a suitable reason and then press “Submit”

After this, you’ll need to verify yourself by choosing a method between SMS OTP or Profile password, you can choose any one of them.

Verify your accessibility and you’re done. Now your ATM card is blocked.

If you’re wishing to get a new one then you can submit an application online or visit the nearest branch of the bank and ask them to give you a form for the same.

Method 2: SMS

Another way in which you can block your ATM card is by using your mobile phone. This is the simplest and quickest method by which you can block your card.

A few things you need to know before proceeding are as follows:

  1. Your phone number should be registered with your bank.
  2. You’ll need your ATM card number for doing so.
  3. Balance for sending SMS 

You can only block your atm by using this method if you’ve your phone number connected to your bank account.

Step-1: Type SMS

You need to send SMS from the registered mobile number with the bank. The SMS you’ll have to send is as follows



XXXX = Last four digits of your ATM Card number.

Step-2: SEND

Send it to “567676”

As soon as the bank receives the SMS and recognizes you, your atm card will get blocked.



Method 3: Yono SBI app

If you don’t know about this app let me tell you, this app is an online banking app of SBI.

Go to Play store/App store download this app and verify yourself with the registration process.

I assume by now you’ve installed the Yono SBI app.

The interface will look like this. Now,  Click on those 3 dots at the top right corner.

Click on “service request option”

Now, Click “Block Atm/Debit card”

After that, the system will ask for your internet banking password and then you can easily block your ATM.

Method 4: Phone Call

A phone call is also a way to block your atm card. Just dial any of the numbers given below
1800 11 2211 (toll-free), 1800 425 3800 (toll-free) or 080-26599990.

and then you’ll be assisted by some SBI assistant to block your atm card.

Method 5: Visit the bank

One more way is to visit the nearest branch if you don’t have access to anyone of the above steps.

Ask the manager and he/she will guide you through the process.

In what situation should you block your atm card?

  • In case your ATM card is lost
  • If you find any unauthorized Transaction
  • If someone stole your ATM card

Well, I hope by now you can block your ATM card by yourself in a few minutes. Also, I would suggest you, apply for net banking if you don’t have it right now.

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