How to download a movie using utorrent? (Step-by-Step)

How to download a movie using utorrent? (Step-by-Step)

Do you know what is a torrent?

That’s completely fine if you don’t know. If I explain in simple words, Torrent is a file which can be downloaded by using specific downloading software.

U-torrent is one of that software which we use to download torrent files.

So, let’s jump right in and see how we can download movies using u-torrent.

Step-1: Download u torrent

To download u-torrent, go to

No matter if you’re using Mac-OS or windows this step is the same for both.

After you go to the site you’ll find the screen shown below

No matter if you’re using Mac-OS or windows this step is the same for both.

After you go to the site you’ll find the screen shown below

I’m downloading the “u-torrent web” first then I’ll show How to download on u-torrent Stable. After that you can choose the version which you think would work better you you.

I’m using Mac-OS so it’s showing me the Mac version if you’re using windows it’ll automatically show the windows version.

After this, click on the download button.

Your file will be saved to downloads.

Now install the downloaded file.

Click continue

Again click continue

Read the license agreement if you want or directly click the “Agree” button.

Click continue

You can change the install location, otherwise, click Install.

Now the installation is successful, you’ll find the app on your computer.

Now open the app.

I’ve downloaded Utorrent web, don’t worry all the u-torrent versions work the same way.

Now our first step is complete, you can see the option of “add torrent”, here you can add torrent.

Step-2: Get your movie torrent

Now in the second step, we have to search for the torrent file for our movie.

But the question is,

How do I find that?

The answer is there are tons of websites where you can find torrent files.

Just go to Google and type “movie name + torrent” and click right away on the first website.

Let’s say for example I want to download “Kabir Singh”. So, I’ll go to google and search for “Kabir Singh torrent”.

Now I’ll click on the first website which is

As you scroll down you’ll find the option of “Download torrent”. Click on it.

Now, this window appears where you can choose the quality of the movie and size also varies with the quality.

I’m choosing the 720p and 1.47 GB file.

Click Download.

Now in this window, the system will ask you to automatically add this torrent file to the Utorrent where you can download it.

Click OK.

Now go to the u-torrent and you’ll find this window.

Click Add button.

Now you’ll see your file is downloading here and on the u-torrent web you can also watch it there.

Now if you don’t want to use the u-torrent web and instead you are using u-torrent stable.

Here’s what you need to do.


U-torrent Stable

Download u-torrent stable from

Install it using the same procedure.

Open the u-torrent stable app on your computer.

It will look like this.

Now, again go the site from where we downloaded the movie torrent.

Click on “Download”

Now on this screen, you’ll have to choose u-torrent instead of the u-torrent web.

Click on others and go to applications.

Choose u-torrent.

Click OK.

Now, go to the u-torrent app and you’ll find this screen.

Click OK

Now’ you’ll see your torrent is downloading and as soon as it downloads it’ll be added to the files of your computer.

Best sites to get Torrents from:

What else can you download with u-torrent?

If you’re new to torrents world then you won’t believe me, you can download anything with u-torrent.

  • Movies
  • Games
  • Songs
  • e-books
  • fonts
  • magazines
  • Softwares
  • Online courses (udemy, udacity, coursera)

You name it torrents got it. Even Pirated content is provided by some torrent sites so I recommend you to use VPN before downloading any torrent.

Alert: Download VPN

Yes, this system also has flaws. As I said some websites provide Pirated content which may be illegal to your Internet service provided and you might get some troubles.

Don’t worry they’ll just warn you for first few times.

To avoid these problems I advise you to use VPN before downloading any torrent.

Now the question is,

What VPN does?

VPN changes your IP address and no one can trace you after your IP address is changed, so by using VPN you can feel free to use any torrent website you wish.

How to get a VPN?

VPN is just an extension which can be downloaded on any browser (Firefox, Chrome) or you can download it to your computer as well.

I recommend “Hotspot shield” because I use it for myself.

Go to

Click download free

After downloading you’ll find this small little icon on your computer.
Click Connect.

Now your VPN is on, download any torrent you like and enjoy.


To download a movie from u-torrent you need a torrent.

First download u-torrent app on your computer, then go to any torrent provider website.

Download your movie torrent and then add it to u-torrent app. As soon as your downloading completes you’ll get your movie downloaded on your computer.

Let me know in the comments,

How do you download movies on your computer right now?

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